Golf Fitness Instruction

Don’t Let Your Favorite Pastime Take a Toll on Your Body

Dr. Pugh is the only chiropractor in the Richmond, VA area with a CGFI Certification from the Titleist Performance Institute. TPI is the industry standard for educating golfers to improve their particular health challenge.

The sport of golf can be a rewarding experience. Enjoying the fresh air outdoors and taking in the landscape can be a therapeutic pastime. Golf can also be very hard on the human body. As an avid golfer, Dr. Pugh is passionate about helping golfers remain injury free and improve their game.

Dr. Pugh takes golfers through physical screenings, and based on his assessment, makes recommendations and promotes ideas that can improve a golfers chance to be injury free. Dr Frank Pugh is the only Chiropractor in the area with a Titleist Performance Institute Golf Fitness Instruction Certification. With this certification Dr. Pugh has the knowledge to help golfers improve their golf swing by improving their body.

Some of the characteristics of this process include

  • Recognizing and correcting physical limitations in the golfer
  • Helping the golfer become aware of the need for strengthening the body, therefore protecting it from further damage
  • Creating an individual plan for the golfer to follow to improve the physical quality as well as their game


Golfers from novice to scratch, from injured to pain-free, can benefit from Golf Fitness Instruction

He will assess a total picture of your body, swing, and equipment – to recommend a program that is right for  you. Dr. Pugh will guide you with professional golf instruction to help you optimize your best performance. He will go over swing efficiency, fitting, and conditioning through a physical screening process.

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